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Sales Manager in Chino, CA:
Responsible for the Divisional sales targets and goals being met in hardwood, softwood, decorative surfaces and custom milled products. Requires: Bachelor's in Business Administration OR Marketing + 5 yrs. exp. 30% domestic travel required. Mail Resume: Attn: Nancee Gelineau, Sierra Forest... More
Posted September 14, 2019
Position Wanted
Recently retired individual with extensive experience in supervision, sales,and marketing looking to remain active and be an asset to an organization/company /individual using acquired skills and work habits.
No need for benefit packages.

All opportunities considered. ...
Posted August 31, 2019
By placing your Help Wanted ad in Champion Newspapers, it will be read by over 90,000 people in the Chino/Chino Hills area, as well as online on our Champion Website. Your 8-line ad can include details of the perfect employee you are seeking and it will run for 3 weeks for as little as $31.... More
Posted July 13, 2019
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